How does Coraggio’s Catalyst Program work?

A Coraggio Catalyst Board (CCB) is a confidential peer group of business owners seeking to build a strong foundation future-proof their company’s growth. By joining an Catalyst Board, you are increasing a vast array of objective opinions and unbiased advice from numerous successful business leaders through the lens of their extensive experience and industry knowledge. These diverse inserts accessible to Coraggio members facilitates highly effective business decisions guaranteeing a sustainable competitive advantage, future-proofing your business.

Who will benefit the most from an Catalyst Program?

The recently launched Coraggio Catalyst Boards are designed for small business owners:

  • immersed in the day-to-day running of their business distracted by distinguishing daily “spot fires”
  • who require operational support with framework, procedures and efficiencies to facilitate growth
  • who recognise they have skill gaps and seek a broader industry knowledge and are prepared to leverage the expertise of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Coraggio’s Catalyst Program enables business owners to realise their full potential by working both on their business, as well as in it. This generates a clear strategic plan, driving seamless execution focusing on sustainable business growth.

Who's holding you accountable?

One of the primary reasons Coraggio Members find significant value is due to the consistent and strong level of accountability, after all it’s easy to become distracted by people demanding your time. You may think you’ve had a successful day, however the reality is attending to competing urgent demands is reactive, not proactive and potentially delays prioritising more critical tasks. Coraggio Chairs understand what is topical, timely and therefore requires greatest attention to run a business efficiently – and they will hold you accountable.

Sydney Chair
Melbourne Chair
Sydney Chair

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