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Welcome to Coraggio – the place where business leaders are continually challenged to make the courageous decisions vital in the definition of their and their business’ long term success.

Coraggio takes leaders on a journey towards business excellence and personal enrichment through peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing and learning. Coraggio is leadership in action where members are encouraged to challenge themselves, and be challenged by others, in a safe environment.

It is a place where the friendly yet robust discussion drives the journey’s momentum, where peer pressure is positive in that it holds members accountable and elicits sharp, courageous decision-making followed by courageous action. The Coraggio journey rewards members with not only better business results, but also a community of like-minded business people who care about each other.

Coraggio was initially established 15 years ago as the Chief Executive Group and in 2009 Coraggio was formed.

Our vision. It’s simple. To build Australia’s Great Leadership Community.

Board of Directors

Job position

Our Board of Directors leadership and business experience spans many sectors including IT, Publishing, Broadcasting, Finance, Insurance, Health, Manufacturing and Mining. Meet our Directors

Our Team

Our team is devoted to supporting the growth of the Coraggio Community with skills in organisational management, personal development, strategic development and community engagement. Meet our Team

Coraggio Advisory Boards

Coraggio Advisory Boards (CABs) are of a limited number of Members and meet monthly. They are led by an experienced Chairperson, with proven business acumen. An environment is created for members to challenge each other to expand their leadership skills and grow their businesses.  More about Coraggio Advisory Boards


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